It is our greatest desire to have the books of aspiring and existing authors published on Bookney.

Our services are channelled towards ensuring your book meets global standards such that it is interesting, visually appealing, properly written and captivating at first glance to its readers.


Graphic Design

If your book cover design is wrong, it will tarnish your book sales. This is because one glance is enough reason for readers to reject or buy your book. Let us help you design captivating covers that’d get you noticed and increase the sales of your book.

Book Trailer Video

A book trailer is a short promotional video distributed across multiple platforms to help you increase your online presence and reach a wider audience. Book trailer videos work excellently for fiction authors and for nonfiction authors. Let us help you create mind-blowing trailer videos that will increase your book visibility and more sales.


By running promotional ads with us, your book gets to be seen over 100,000 times across the globe through our diverse channels which will generate the required buzz and lead from potential readers.

Consultation session

We understand that there are some questions or clarification needed to be answered when it comes to book authoring and publishing. This is why we have created this easy and fast-response way to aid authors.

Book Starter Level

Are you struggling to birth your dream book? If yes, we guide intending authors through evaluative processes and advice to birthing captivating books in any genre. This simply means you already have an idea in mind but you need the right source to guide you on how to start or put your thoughts together to achieve your desired goal

Book Launch Level

Are you confused on how to have a virtual book launch in a grand style? Do you need marketing strategies to help you market your book to the right audience and hit your desired sales target? Worry no more. With our book marketing experts who are ever ready to make you smile, your success is guaranteed if you adhere to our expert advice and guidance.

Book Money-Machine Level

Choosing this level simply means you have written your book, done a launch and you want to scale the money-making capacity of your book. Our experts will show you further strategies to scale your book sales and mistakes you may have made at other levels (if any). Booking a session with us at this level will guarantee you x5 revenue from your books if you adhere to our expert guidance and advice.