Frequently Asked Questions

Bookney is a mobile app and is free to download from Google PlayStore and Apple store

You can find books by browsing through the explore section or by searching for books with the title or author’s name. You also have the option of adding books to your library to read later.

You can sign up as a reader by clicking on the Get Started button on the mobile app.

Publishing on our platform is free and you can publish it yourself. Click on Be a Bookney Author and fill in your registration details then upload your manuscript. Once you have your book published on our platform, you will be able to access your dashboard, earnings, profile details, statistics and analytics, pictures and other information. 

Authors make 80% on each book sale.

Yes, we promote books. We offer free one-day book publicity via our social media platforms. However, to get the best of our promotional service, Bookney offers different advertising and marketing options you can choose from to help promote your books. You can find out more when you click here

It will take a maximum of two weeks from the day the content is submitted for approval.

Yes, we accept partnerships from reputable NGOs and other organizations. Kindly send us an email at with the subject: PARTNERSHIP WITH BOOKNEY and we will proceed from there.

  • your book gets published on our website/app, kick start sales by sharing the link of your book with family and friends, and encourage them to purchase it. If you’d like to advertise on our platform, we have various pocket-friendly promotional services for you.  Click here.
  • Once you become a member of our platform ensure you join the Bookney Club to build relationships with other authors and readers. Follow our social media platforms too to increase your visibility and of course, sales!
  • You are allowed to run a price slash for your books at any given time. And Bookney reserves the rights to run a price slash for your books during festive periods or specific world celebration days that may align with your book category or genre.  Read our terms and conditions.
  • We offer a monthly one-day Bootcamp for all our authors on how they can market and make sales from their book (this is not mandatory). If you wish to join the Boot camp, feel free to let us know so we can send you a notification before the specified date.

We offer amazing services for authors such as graphic design, book video trailer, promotions, consultation sessions, book reviews and many more Yes, there are.

  • You will be required to give the first chapter of your book for free. This is a well thought-out marketing strategy that will enable Bookney readers have a ‘freemium’ experience with your book and thus, increasing the chances of sales for you. This is to say, when users click on your book, they will be able to read ONLY the first chapter and will not be able to read further unless they pay for it (if your book isn’t free). 
  • We also need a short synopsis of your book to give readers an overall idea of your book. Do well to encourage your friends to write reviews about your book to increase sales..
  • For more information, clarification and request for our services, send an email to

Yes, you can download books for offline reading on the mobile app

The Bookney app works on all Android and iOS devices

  1. At Bookney, we love and celebrate the creative freedom to express your thoughts. However, here is a list of prohibited content on Bookney.

    1. Pornography, nudity, and sexually explicit material: Adult or explicit material depicting illegal acts or deemed to be exploitative shall be considered pornography and removed from our app. If your content contains appropriate adult content such as erotica, please be courteous to other users and mark the content as such. You can do this either in the subtitle or in the opening paragraph of your book description or ticking the category it falls under. This will give other users of Bookney the choice to decide whether or not to view your content.
    1. Hateful content: Content that promotes hate towards groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, political inclination and sexual orientation/gender identity.
    1. Violent content: Content that direct threats of violence against any person or group of people. We ask authors or publishers or licensors not to publish content that contains graphic violence. Also, you may not publish instructional material regarding the creation of weapons of mass destruction or any act of violence.
    1. Pirated content: Don’t post anything you didn’t write on Bookney without the signed permission of the author or publisher or licensor. Don’t upload pirated versions of published works, or any other content that belongs to someone else. Posting plagiarised works of any kind is illegal and punishable by law. Failure to adhere to our policies will lead to suspension of account and persistent violation will lead to account permanently disabled. This also means that all the funds generated from the book sales will be seized and given to the rightful owner or will be given to charity organizations or NGOs affiliated with Bookney. If you are unsure as to whether your content is in violation of rules above, feel free to send an email to

We hate piracy as much as you do. This is why Bookney was created in the first place: to curb intellectual property theft and help authors get full monetary reward from the sale of their books.

However, if you feel that your book has been illegally uploaded to Bookney and you would like to remove the book from our library, and you own the rights to it, send an email with the subject


with proof of ownership and we will process your request to remove the book in question. 

To withdraw funds press the withdraw button in your author portal page. If that button is disabled for you, forward your monthly report to with your bank account details for Nigerian residents. For international Bookney users, send an email to with the subject: AUTHOR ROYALTY. Please note that royalties are paid at the end of every month following the Gregorian calendar and transfer charges will be deducted from your royalty.

No. Literary works are available in all parts of the world, except when the publisher issues a geographic restriction based on copyright law and other legal restrictions.

You are allowed to set the price of your book yourself and at any amount you deem fit.