Bookney offers amazing promotional services to keep authors happy because making money from your book is one of our core values and mission of the platform.

Below are the various advert types.

Bookney Featured Tab

Choosing this type of advert means that your book will be placed on the Featured Books tab of our website and app. When the website and app is opened, your book will be among the first books the users and visitors will see

Bookney App & Website Banner

When the website or app is opened, information about your book will be displayed as a banner directly on the home page. When the banner is clicked, users and visitors of Bookney will be redirected to the book being advertised.

Note that we are to design the banner (to include the book title and price).

Bookney Push Notification

This is a short message about your book sent by Bookney to users of our app.

The message is displayed on their notification panel.

Social Media Adverts

Sponsored post (Photo or Video) on our Instagram feed

Sponsored post (Photo or Video) on our Instastory  

Sponsored post (Photo or Video) Facebook page

Sponsored post (Photo or Video) Bookney Club


Photos and videos are subject to our approval. You can create a high-quality video or graphic design and send to us. Or we can design any of the two options for you.

Email Campaign

We will publicize your book using email marketing. With this option, we will include your book in our newsletter and send to over 100,000 users in our email list.

Book Review

One or more members of our team of book reviewers will read and write a review on your book. Our book reviews are usually between 200 – 1,000 words.

This book review comes in two packages:

  • Light Review:

We will only review and not post it on our social media platforms and website.

  • Super Review:

We will review and post the review on our website and social media pages.  If you desire to post it elsewhere or other blogs it is solely dependent on you.